Why another “introduction to optics” website?

Most websites that offer an introduction to optics seek to get people to ?love science.?

That is not what business people need.

The optics industry employs hundreds of thousands of people who are not engineers, scientists, or technicians. They are general managers or sales representatives, venture capitalists or public policymakers. These people do not want to become optical scientists or engineers?they already have jobs. These non-technical professionals just want to understand optics well enough to communicate and make prudent business decisions. They want to:

  • follow the thread of a technical presentation;
  • interpret the claims in a patent;
  • answer low-level technical questions from their customers;
  • ensure that their engineering team is on track with short- and long-term business interests;
  • invest in winning technologies;
  • make good decisions on public policy.

VLYN2K.com offers concise explanations of core technical concepts in a manner that is engaging and approachable, but which is also neither patronizing nor unbearably technical.

About Me

Hi, I?m Damon Diehl, a scientist who has been working in the optics industry for almost?25 years. I have a BA in physics and mathematics from the University of Chicago and a Ph.D. from The Institute of Optics at the University of Rochester. I got my start in industry as chief scientist at a startup purchased by Rochester Precision Optics in 2010. Following the acquisition, I became the coordinator of?Optical Systems Technology?at Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY during its “reboot” in 2012. At present,?I am Technology Program Manager?at Luminate in Rochester, NY. Luminate is the only startup accelerator only for optics, photonics, and imaging companies.